Product Features

Zip Free

The Zip Free system, developed with nifco technology, offers a fit without zipper. This feature allows you to adjust the closure of the suit without compromising comfort in the chest area. This system provides an ultra light and flexible feel.

F-flex lining

Our latest technology. The F-flex, present throughout the wetsuit area, aims to reduce heat loss and keep the body warmer throughout the ride. As this is a light material, it allows us to maintain all mobility and comfort during surfing.

Energy Tech

The Energy Tech technology allows us to have maximum flexibility in the upper limbs. Used in the underarm area, this material ensures that you have unlimited mobility.


As the knees are a high wear area, our kneepads offer a reinforcement to preserve the area and provide more durability to the suit.

External cuff rubber rings

Because the wetsuits are made to keep us dry and warm throughout our session, our outer rubber rings prevent water inflow.

Neo Tapes 2.0

Our seams are reinforced with internal elastic tapes. These have a watertight effect. This allows you to maintain full mobility, and preserves the suit's durability and comfort.

No flushing bars

As the neck area is a favorable area for water to enter, the rubber bars tighten the upper neck panel. Thus ensuring greater heat retention and greater comfort. Giving a second skin feel.

Back knee embosses

So that movement is free and never limited. The wedges included at the back of the knees provide mobility and flexion to facilitate bending.

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