How to be more sustainable in surf? A message from Roby Damico

As a surfer, in fact, we never say no to waves. 
That means driving a car, catching a plane and buying boards that won't last forever. 
What I am trying to do is to compensate the planet for giving me beautiful waves, the way I can.  
I use my image and credibility to make a call to action, using social media as a structure to get people involved and make a real impact on the sea. 
Here are some "rules” I live by: 


  • Choose one good quality product that lasts longer instead of two mediocre products. For example, from now on I will use Yulex as a conscious wetsuit choice.  
  • Food is another big factor; try to buy products you can find close by. Your own garden can be full of veggies, the best you have ever tried! 
  • Don't go around trash, PICK IT UP! One piece at a time can make a difference. 
  • Embrace nature, be in it and take care of it. Don't allow others to disrespect it. 

- Roby Damico