How to Choose the Right Wetsuit Size


Choosing the right wetsuit size is something a lot of people struggle with. Especially when buying your wetsuit online.Therefore, we invited Manuel Centeno to our headquarters, to provide you with his top wetsuit fitting tips. 

There are some major points on the wetsuit which immediately tell us whether or not the wetsuit has the right fit. Although the wetsuit might seem to fit comfortably at first, it is important to check these points thoroughly. 

High range wetsuits have a very flexible neoprene to enable free range of motion. However, after five to ten surf sessions, they stretch out quite a bit. We must take this into consideration when trying on the wetsuit for the first time. If it fits you comfortably now, in a couple of surf sessions it might be too stretched out. 

Firstly, the wetsuit shouldn’t be loose on the armpits. Secondly, the kneepads should be aligned with the knees. Thirdly, when folding forward, you shouldn't have too much accumulated neoprene on your torso. Lastly, the wetsuit should end in line with your ankles. 

If you reach the conclusion that your wetsuit is too big, you should size it down to prevent water from flowing in. 

Here is a quick recap of how a correct wetsuit should feel: 

  • The armpits fit well and there is no excess material.
  • When folding forward, the neoprene does not accumulate excessively 
  • The kneepads are aligned with the knees. 
  • The wetsuit ends in line with the ankles.

To have a wetsuit size reference, use our size chart. When recieving your wetsuit, try it on and check the points mentioned above. If you have to change sizes, please contact our customer support.