Interview with Maxime Huscenot

We spoke to Maxime Huscenot about his recent CT qualification. Discover what it took to get him the spot, his objectives for the season, and his advice.

1) How do you feel about your qualification?

It’s crazy. I’ve been working so hard all these years to have this chance one day, and it finally arrived. I’m pretty baffled right now but at the same time, I am not surprised in a way as I always felt I would do it one day.

2) What was your biggest fear this season?

It has been a lot of stressful years because you want to succeed all the time but at the end you have to enjoy the present moment and enjoy the surfing you can produce. The level is so high nowadays that you can’t make mistakes. So that was what I was most focused on to make sure I wasn’t making any mistake or the less I could.

3) In 2015 & 2016 you were really close to entering the CT. Did you think about quitting at the time? Why didn't you?

Yes After getting so close I was confused. I was thinking negatively about the judges and the surf industry, because I felt they were all against me and letting me down. Then I thought maybe I was not good enough yet so I need to work twice as hard and surf twice as better than the others if I want to have a chance. I changed a lot of things, my way of training, my boards, and things in my surfing. Then I worked harder and slowly came back. 

Then Deeply came up. They gave me this confidence to believe in myself again and trust my work. It gave me extra juice to go bigger and get it done.


4) What did it take to get here? 

Determination, work ethic, big heart and staying humble. No matter the results, good or bad, you have to stay the same and work harder again and again. 

5) What do you wish to accomplish in 2023?

Good surfing. I want to be able to showcase my best surfing and match the best in the world. It will be new destinations for me so that is very exciting. I can’t wait to score some good sessions with the best in the world.

6) In 2009 you won the Junior world championship. What advice would you give to Max of 2010?

Don’t try to rush, work on your skill and body. Stay calm and confident, but embrace the challenge with courage and determination, don’t fear the result but give your best.