Limitless | New 4/3  Wetsuit Range
Limitless | New 4/3  Wetsuit Range
Limitless | New 4/3  Wetsuit Range

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Limitless | New 4/3 Wetsuit Range

 Zero gravity, limitless movement.

Adaptation is the critical success factor, and this has been a year full of change for us. Both in terms of brand and community growth. Inspired by a common purpose and aiming to innovate our product development process, we were more connected than ever.


Throughout this year, both our community and us have been focused on developing our best surfing wetsuit to date. We carried out several months of functional tests to achieve the best movement ergonomics.  

Together with our athletes and the latest materials science, the goal was fulfilled. This hard work led us to the possibility of using a combination of marine and terrestrial minerals as the basis of the new surfing suits.

Mineralprene is now the main component of our lightest, most stretchy and sustainable wetsuit ever released by us. Developed from recycled oyster shells and limestone, our Mineralprene brings unique features to the suit.

Extreme lightness gives you a feeling of zero gravity, so you can have unlimited mobility. Limitless is our lightest and most flexible wintersuit, maintaining body temperature while surfing.