Mineralprene: New Eco-Friendly Neoprene Formula

This year, we have revolutionized our wetsuit production. All of our wetsuits are currently made using our Mineralprene. Our most recent and most sustainable neoprene formula to date. 

At Deeply, we are aware of the contribution neoprenes have had to the environmental impact. Ever since, we have pledged to continue improving the sustainability of our wetsuits, and work towards making them ever more organic. As ambassadors of the ocean, we believe it is our duty to contribute towards a healthier planet.

Mineralprene is manufactured using neglected oyster shells and limestone neoprene. The oyster shells are recycled and converted into oxide powder. This enables us to reduce the amount of limestone used in our wetsuit composition. As a result, we yield a more natural and comfortable foam rubber.

Any scraps and extras resulting from our manufacturing process, will be recycled back into our wetsuits.