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Sebas Furtado
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Sebas Furtado

Who is Sebas?

Sebas is Sebastião Furtado, the son of people who loved the beach, the sea. He always lived in Leça da Palmeira and was passionate about FCPorto. He started his Surf journey through Bodyboard. At age 12, he tried surfing and has never stopped. Spending days at the beach began in Leça da Palmeira with the whole gang (at the time, almost exclusively bodyboards) and the Esperanças National Championships, with my coaches, Marcelo Martins first and, later, Rui Sá.

At 18, I started college in Sports Management, with the dream of getting into football. I dropped out of competition and started teaching surfing at Escola Onda Pura. Most of the classes were for beginner adults, but what gave me the most pleasure was the group of kids who I taught all year, almost all of them beginners, but all of them were evolving. I started to enjoy feeling useful to others and helping them to excel.

This group of kids grew and became my full time job. The dream for football passed and I just wanted to be a good Surf Coach. I started my Master's Degree in High Performance and applied it to my training. Nowadays, I am a Coach and I love what I do. Being able to help others achieve their goals is extremely satisfying.


Tell us a little about your “Surf to Win” Project.

Surf to Win is a project dedicated to all those who like surfing, want to evolve and already have at least an intermediate level. We are aimed at children, young people and adults from the intermediate level to High Performance.

In addition to technical surf training, with recording and feedback of all waves or with the support of the coach in the water, depending on the level and sea conditions. We also offer complementary physical training, in the pool or functional and skateboarding, with a view to faster evolution by everyone.

More than a project that only thinks about performance, we seek to provide our athletes in the training project (children and young people) with some experiences that seek to develop, not only the technical part, but the individual as a whole. As is well known, sport is a fantastic environment for anyone's development. Being subject to rules, knowing how to respect others (opponents or not), setting goals (competitive or not), facing challenges, persisting and achieving success is an excellent way to prepare for adulthood and know how to deal with frustrations, controlling ourselves emotionally, competing and helping others, whatever your future, all these situations will be a reality.

In addition to physical and specific exercises to improve their surfing performance, our surfers will have experiences that take them to their personal lives, such as weekly study plans, setting goals at school, among others.

Our students' success is our success!


How surf came into your life?

I started surfing  very early and it made me everything I am today. It helped me to overcome challenges, explore nature, gave me my best friends and gave me a life through which I am happy and which I want to pass on to my daughter.

It is such a fantastic sport that competition can be experienced as in any other sport, but as a way of being and lifestyle that characterizes us so much.


How was your entry into the Deeply world?

Amazingly, deeply was my first sponsorship in its founding year. At the time, more directed to sailing. Then I had other sponsorships, but I rejoined this team at 16 and later at 27, until now. I have always had a special esteem for being a brand of my city and which I have seen grow a lot in recent years. It has now gone through a reconfiguration, but the project looks spectacular and will, for sure, be very successful.

Deeply is already a national brand that breathes surf.


What did you think of your first Deeply Together?

It was a fantastic moment of interaction between the community, on the water and on land. We are people with different paths in life, but we all share surfing in common. A little bit of the image of what Deeply is. Sharing between everyone is super interesting and from where great ideas can come that will contribute to surfing.