A workshop by the Postigo brothers

"The workshops are a new concept of learning and experience where you share knowledge with your most curious and motivated audience. 
As brothers, we have lived the magic of the oceans for many years. Our grandfather tutored our father about the sea, and he took it upon himself to pass that knowledge on to us. Fortunately, we have been connected to the ocean for as long as we can remember. This connection led us to explore photography and we discovered that, when applied to the marine environment, it revealed a new world full of possibilities that are not present in daily routine. 
After years of experience and dedication at the ocean, we felt the motivation to share our knowledge with people who shared the same interest and passion for the oceans, as well as the desire to take care of them. This is how we created the first AQUATIC PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP in September, which was a resounding success, driving us to continue with the next one in November. 
The first workshops followed an INITIATION level format, covering fundamental aspects of this exciting profession, such as INTRODUCTION TO AQUATIC PHOTOGRAPHY, APNEA, MEDITATION AND YOGA, RESCUE AND FIRST AID, PRACTICE AT SEA AND EDITING. In this way, participants not only learn about the camera and waterproof housing, but also acquire skills to fully develop in this environment. In addition, it is fascinating to observe how a NETWORKING environment is formed, where participants establish work contacts and forge solid friendships. 
How do we see the workshops schedule for 2024? This year is full of ambitious projects with the desire to continue growing and make this a project that lasts over time. Throughout the year we plan to do 4/5 workshops, but not only in one place, our intention is to move around Spain and even outside creating unique experiences and giving the possibility to the client of the initiation courses to evolve and continue learning in the most organic way possible. 
To all this, we could add the added value of having created an NGO created between the brothers to disseminate and educate about the environmental cause of the oceans, an organization that aims to bring together professionals with the same values and go all together for the same cause: The care of the seas and oceans. "