Interview with Tim Bisso

- How do you feel about joining Deeply ?

 I feel great about this move, Deeply is a good brand with innovative products so I’m excited for the future and what we can do together.

- How would you describe your surfing?

That’s a hard question, my surfing is quite intuitive.. I don’t really have a plan every time I stand up!

- Few years ago you decided to move to Portugal. Why ?

  And what did it change for you ?

Portugal is one of the few places in the world I can actually recharge between events..It really feels like home, I traveled a bit already in my life. I like it here, I like it a lot.

- What are your projects and goals for 2023 ?

2022 was a solid year for me, I feel like I still have a lot in the tank. I’m working toward the re-qualification on the Challengers series now so I want to be in the runner up for the CT and qualify. I also have another video project that should be done by next year’s summer! Good stuff. I'm excited.

- Maxime recently qualified for the CT. What inspires you ?

I watched closely maxime qualify this year, it’s inspiring. I knew his mindset and he is a good friend of mine. Next year I will meet him there. Congrats to him and his dad, what a breakthrough!

- Anything else you want to add ?

Not much, I’m in love with surfing and grateful for what It has brought into my life. I’m super excited for the future!