Valeska Schneider
Valeska Schneider
Valeska Schneider


Valeska Schneider


Valeska Schneider is a professional surfer from Germany. She grew up in a small town outside of Munich. In the last years however, she has lived mainly in Australia, Portugal and Berlin.  

Although Surfing has caught her attention from a young age, it wasn’t until the age of 20 that she finally set foot on a surfboard. While on a working holiday in Australia, she decided to take on a surf course. From that moment onwards she knew surfing would remain a part of her life.

She decided to start working with professional coaches and pretty much trained in any conditions 

 In 2017 she qualified for the German National team to compete in the ISA World Surfing Games. In 2019 rapid surfing (surfing on stationary waves) became a part of her repertoire with the goal of winning the Citywave World Tour and Rapid Surf League. 

 When Deeply reached out to her, she understood she had a lot in common with the brand. Integrating our team both as a professional athlete and as a country manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, provided her with the opportunity to evolve both as an athlete and a business professional.  

She considers herself ambitious and possesses high standards. Realizing all the effort that we as a brand put into our products and customer experience, was definitely something that caught her attention.  

When switching brands, she felt skeptical about the quality and warmth of the Deeply wetsuits. However, she was pleasantly surprised at the flexibility, comfort and superior warmth the suits have to offer.  

In a country where rapid surfing prevails, she considers German surfers to be highly underestimated. Claiming German surfers have just a big a passion for surfing as other coastal countries. They invest a lot of time travelling for the sport and always seek to have the best material on hand.  

Valeska aims to spread the Deeply community, products and lifestyle across these countries, and provide them with the resources and quality they seek to thrive in the sport.