Why does Ocean Temperature Vary Throughout the Year?


Ocean’s temperature shifts throughout the year.


If you live and surf in Europe, you are most probably aware of the Ocean’s temperature shifts throughout the year. In the summer you can surf in your 3/2 wetsuit and last 2-3 hours in the water. And in some places if you’re lucky a 2/2 will be enough.  However, as winter is coming, a 4/3 is essential, and an upgrade to a 5/3, booties and hoodies might also be needed.


So why does the Ocean’s temperature vary throughout the year? At least for those of us living on this side of the planet.  




The Ocean’s temperature changes on a seasonal basis. The main driver for this seasonal temperature change is the sun.  In winter, when the sun is in the northern hemisphere, there is a reduced energy input, and therefore, temperatures are lower than in summer. The local currents and winds will further influence this. 



Water requires 4 times more energy than air, to increase its temperature by 1°C, at equivalent masses. The ocean’s temperature depends on the amount of solar energy being absorbed. This is why sunny and warm days in winter, doesn’t mean a boardshort surf session.  



As temperature changes, the water’s properties also change. Cold water which is denser than warm water will sink. This means that the surface will always have a higher temperature than the lower levels of the ocean.  Our graphene wetsuits were designed to help you enjoy longer surf sessions, at lower temperatures. So that you can enjoy your surf sessions all year round.