Why Surf?
Why Surf?
Why Surf?


Why Surf?

A handful of reasons

It’s an undeniable truth. Exercise is a health fundamental. Surf isn’t any different. And when we pick up the pace, together with the right professionals, one thing’s for sure: surfing and the world of waves are a necessity. Not a choice. We leave you with a handful of reasons to choose surf:


More strength, balance, coordination and resistance are guarantees for those who practice the sport. It is with the strength of the sea that you have to deal with, so the benefits are also many for cardiovascular health. The strokes and other movements promise to give more life to the heart and promote energy gains. For breathing, the effects are positive, both because of salt and for the diversity of nutrients in seawater, which unblock the airways. Through the skin, water can also eliminate impurities from the blood and strengthen the immune system. And, to enrich a healthy body, there is relaxation and stress relief that the contact with the sea provides. This is what water also cleanses: the mind, with energy and productivity gains.


Surfing is for everyone. For everyone, without exception. There is no differentiation by age, weight or any other reason. On the contrary. Just look at the example of the father and son, who head to the sea together to practice the sport. Two different levels, the same opportunity.


the bonds created between surfers are close and friendships are lived with intensity. Between mutual help and reciprocity, practitioners share waves and share laughter. More than entering the sea and the adventures we enjoy within it,, you are integrating yourself in a large family, where unity is the maxim that guides any surfer.


Waves won’t always be perfect. Also, you don't learn to surf overnight. The best conditions will not always be met. It takes time and, most importantly, adaptability. And surfing gives us that. Patience. Focus. Sense of persistence. As each challenge is surpassed, the feeling makes up for all the effort. We managed to overcome it!


A surfer's world is also an immense natural habitat, where sealife abounds. It means living with other living beings and knowing more about the sea and the planet. Awareness of the need to protect the environment comes automatically.