With Deeply, <br>Surfed waves are green!
With Deeply, <br>Surfed waves are green!
With Deeply, <br>Surfed waves are green!


With Deeply,
Surfed waves are green!

The passion for the ocean is great and the respect for the environment is even greater. For surfers, the connection with nature becomes intimate from the first waves. The goal is sustainability and the brands themselves are moving there at a good pace. We can give you our example.

In surfing, we find strength and energy for sustainable development. And this environmental commitment starts right from the products we manufacture. For us, Deeply, 10 plastic bottles collected from the beach or the ocean means an opportunity; an opportunity to make a pair of shorts with polyester thread produced from those packaging - these are the Voley shorts, which you can find out here. Waste is reduced and the environment is grateful.

Ecology is also present in our surf suits. The use of petrochemicals is replaced by neoprene with limestone of natural origin - less aggressive to the environment. And the supplier of that material recycles all the production surplus, which is used for new products. What's more: from leftovers and tire debris, pyrolysate * is black coal - another substance found in wetsuits -, result in a true reduction in CO2 emissions.

The difference is made in the present, but we do not forget the future: it is our mission, for example, to have a collection of products with 80% organic cotton - which allows to save water and restore the soil.

The sea, that immense surfer's habitat, is our great inspiration. And the wave we surf remains one; a wave of environmental awareness. For a greener and more sustainable future.

*Pyrolysis: decomposition of a chemical compound by heating to high temperatures, without the presence of oxygen.