Mineral Rock


A limestone mineral rock to be precise. Our wetsuits use earth mined limestone to substitute petrochemicals in our wetsuits. It is a natural mineral, which helps us reduce the environmental impact of our wetsuits. This is not only better for the environment, but for you as well. Limestone offers greater flexibility, is lighter, and contains increased sun ray protection.
Recycling Tyres

Carbon Black

Eco Carbon Black is one of the main ingredients found in our wetsuits. Old tyres are one of most problematic sources of solid waste. They contain a significant amount of fossil fuel derived carbon clack , one of the biggest contributors towards climate change. Eco carbon black is obtained by recycling tyres as opposed to burning fossil fuels. This process consumes more CO2 than it emits. It reduces CO2 emissions by 72%. This circular economy approach gives back to the planet, and we support it.

Our Wetsuits in Action