YULEX | Plant-Based Products

Our Wetsuits Grow on Trees.
Yulex is made from purified natural rubber materials. It enables us to create high performing and environmentally sustainable products. Through this process, allergens and contaminants are removed. Yulex is a neoprene free alternative in wetsuit production. Neoprene production is non-sustainable, which means it is environmentally hazardous in various ways. Also, most neoprene is produced using petroleum, a non-renewable and quickly depleting resource. The energy used in the process also emits high levels of CO2 into the atmosphere. To further increase its environmental damage, most neoprene products are non-recyclable. Many of its components can only be down cycled into less useful objects. Yulex offers a neoprene free alternative to wetsuit production. Their unique foam rubber mimics all the properties of neoprene without the ecological damage. Yulex is made from natural rubber produced in trees.