Internet Day stands for Community Day

In this new reality we live in, where circumstances change, our freedom may at times feel limited, and the way we do things is evolving like never before. We are proud to be there for you every step of the way. Today we celebrate the internet day and as a consequence, our online presence. Thanks to this, we have been able to continue growing and evolving together no matter what. It gives us a great sense of joy to know we are so connected and borderless. To thank you for your wonderful support along the years, and for making this collective bigger and stronger everyday, our community wants to share their stories and community codes with you as a gratitude gift. Enjoy your gift and get 10% off your final price.

Daniel Fonseca

Instagram @danielfonsecabb

Date 11/13/1993

Naturality Peniche, PT

Favourite Wave Molhe Leste

Life Moto "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity"

Community code: DANIELFONSECA


Instagram @gastaoentrudo

Date 07/12/1987

Naturality Alvalade, PT

Favourite Wave Pipeline

Life Moto "Live everyday like it was your last"

Community code: GASTAO

Kekoa Hummel

Instagram @kekoa_hummel_25

Date 11/10/2007

Naturality Porto, PT

Favourite Wave Bingin

Life Moto " Go big or Go Home"

Community code: HUMMEL

Manuel Centeno

Instagram @manuelcenteno

Date 09/18/1980

Naturality Porto, PT

Favourite Wave Supertubes

Life Moto "Hold your grip, focus your energy, connect to yourself and everyone else"

Community code: CENTENO

Natxo Gonzalez

Instagram @natxogonzalez1

Date 9/20/1995

Naturality Vizcaya, ESP

Favourite Wave Mundaka

Life Moto "Nunca, nunca me voy a rendir, nunca!"

Community code: NATXO

Lucia Martino

Instagram @lucia_martino

Date 06/01/1994

Naturality Gijón, ESP

Favourite Wave Rodiles

Life Moto "Vive el momento"

Community code: LUCIA

Vasco Ribeiro

Instagram @vascoribeiro

Date 11/22/1994

Naturality Cascais, PT

Favourite Wave Ribeira d'ilhas

Life Moto "Dreams don't work until you do"

Community code: VASCORIBEIRO


Instagram @neco_pyrrait

Date 9/30/1997

Naturality Açores, PT

Favourite Wave Coxos/ Jbay/ Uluwatu

Life Moto "Não há nada mais importante do que lutar pelos nossos sonhos, e lutar por realizá-los, não há nada mais satisfatório do que realizar um sonho! E ainda melhor é conseguir ajudar o próximo a realizá-lo também"

Community code: NECOP


Instagram @maximehuscenot

Date 5/17/1992

Naturality Capbreton, FR

Favourite Wave Jbay, St Leu

Community code: MAXIME

Jéjé Vidal

Instagram @jejevidal17

Date 12/30/1998

Naturality São Tomé

Favourite Wave Santana

Life Moto "Trabalho e dedicação tudo vira"

Community code: JEJEVIDAL

João Guedes

Instagram @joaoguedessurf

Date 12/01/1985

Naturality Porto, PT

Favourite Wave Nazaré

Life Moto "Work hard live easy"

Community code: JOAOGUEDES

Tomas Valente

Instagram @tomasvalente

Date 1/27/1988

Naturality Caxias, PT

Favourite Wave Carcavelos

Life Moto "Live fast die old"

Community code: TOMASVALENTE

Jonathan Gonzalez

Instagram @jonathang_onzalez

Date 8/22/1980

Naturality Los Gigantes, TEN

Favourite Wave Las Conchas

Community code: JONATHAN

Jose Maria Ribeiro

Instagram @josemariaribeirosurf

Date 02/07/2003

Naturality Cascais, PT

Favourite Wave Guincho

Life Moto "Surf, surf and train hard"

Community code: ZEMARIA


Instagram @Adamkfe

Date 09/06/1991

Naturality Bordeaux, FR

Favourite Wave Lacanau and Rocky Point

Life Moto " Work like a captain, play like a pirate"

Community code: ADAMKFE

Sebastião Furtado

Instagram @seba_ssbem

Date 02/12/1992

Naturality Porto,PT

Favourite Wave Praia de Leça da Palmeira

Life Moto "Existe vida sem surf, mas é bem mais aborrecida!"

Zia Suarez

Instagram @zia_suarez

Date 19/12/1992

Naturality Port Elizabeth, SA

Favourite Wave Isla de lobos, Canárias

Life Moto "Live Life with purpose and do everything with meaning, this way you will truly live a fulfilling life"

Community code: ZIA

Armand Pou

Instagram @armandpou

Date 02/10/1993

Naturality Barcelona,ESP

Favourite Wave Super tubos/ J Bay

Life Moto "Do the best, to help the rest"

Community code: ARMAND


Instagram @orlandomendespereira

Date 24/04/1980

Naturality Madeira, PT

Favourite Wave Jardim do Mar

Life Moto "The ocean creates illusions, the waves the questions, and surfing is the answer."

Community code: ORLANDO

Johanne Defay

Instagram @johannedefay

Date 19/08/1993

Naturality St. Leu, REU

Favourite Wave Cloudbreak, Jbay

Community code: JOHANNE