A single layer of atoms

Graphene is a Nobel prize winning material. It is derived from carbon. Graphene wrapped yarns enables the maintenance of warmth for longer, when compared with normal lining made from hollow fibres, also improving the wetsuit’s durability. It also reproduces heat through body movement. This provides sustainable comfort for long and cold surf sessions.
Giving a New Life

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

All the neoprene trimmed in the production process is recycled and reused to produce new neoprene sheets. Our supplier ensures that no raw neoprene is left to waste, giving a new life to 250 tons of neoprene waste every year.
Elevating our community to a flow state
At Deeply, we harness science and technology to develop great products with minimal environmental impact.

Carbon Black

Made From limestone

We say no to fossil fuels

Traditional neoprenes are made from dirty petroleum based ingredients. Ours are made from limestone (1). Making them sustainable and environmentally friendly. Limestone (1) neoprenes are not only better for the environment, but did we mention how they favour you? They offer greater flexibility, are lighter, and contain increased sun ray protection.
Recycling tyres

Eco Carbon Black

Eco Carbon Black is one of the main ingredients found in our wetsuits. Old tyres are one of most problematic sources of solid waste. They contain a significant amount of fossil fuel derived carbon clack , one of the biggest contributors towards climate change. Eco carbon black is obtained by recycling tyres as opposed to burning fossil fuels. This process consumes more CO2 than it emits. It reduces CO2 emissions by 72%. This circular economy approach gives back to the planet, and we support it.
Water-based glue

Water is what keeps us together

Our supplier has converted solvent-based laminating glue into a water-based glue. This eliminates harmful volatile organic compounds. 600G of Volatile organic compounds are eliminated per wetsuit.
Recycle Polyester

What can you transform a bottle into?

We transform bottles into yarn. We knit it and create polyester fabric.
Neoprene Free

The solution is found in the cause.

We are not only committed to reducing Neoprene derived waste, but also in developing Neoprene Free suits. Our suppler has partnered with FSC and Yulex to develop an eco-conscious neoprene known as Organiprene. The one and only natural rubber tree formula to make neoprene.